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Biscuit -
Rescue Dog
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A Rescue Story
One of the great joys of adopting a dog is the mystery that surrounds your new family member. You just have no idea as to what they know, or don't know.  This new addition will astound you with the thrill of discovery - just as a new child brings joy and wonderment, a rescued dog brings his own personality ready to be discovered. Here's a short story about Biscuit---

Having moved to Tequesta, Florida in 1997, Biscuit and his significant human were thrilled to find that dogs and humans were permitted to swim and frolic together on the beach of nearby Jupiter, FL.

Biscuit took to ocean swimming as though he had been doing this forever (maybe he had, who knows?).  Aside from the occasional wave that would catch him unaware as he approached shore (ye-ouch!), Biscuit was a natural.  We would often swim out together to fetch the ball and return to shore, ready for another go-round.

Most times we would return to shore together. Sometimes, while wearing a snorkel and mask, I would watch his paddling underwater  -  The coat of a Golden (or any long haired dog) becomes an incredible thing of beauty when viewed underwater - try it!

The first time I did not swim in with Biscuit was most unusual.  He swam to shore and turned around to watch me.  He watched with concern if I was swimming parallel to shore or coming back in but, should I swim away - Biscuit jumped back in the water and swam back out to me as fast as he could paddle, yelping and barking all the way.  The first time, he reached me and tried to swim around me (dogs don't tread water very well, apparently).  He managed to scratch me up pretty good with his toe nails until I swam back in with him. 

This activity repeated itself each time I tried to swim away from shore - on a guess, I tried something.  As Biscuit approached, yelping as before, I grabbed hold of his collar.  He turned immediately and began towing me to shore!  I finally realized, Biscuit could only see the splashing in the water as I was swimming and he thought I was in trouble.  This wonderful dog was actually coming out to "save" me from drowning!

Now you know why, when you make room in your life for a homeless canine, they're called "rescue" dogs!!

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